Cycling in Prague – several easy hints for an enjoyable ride

Cycling in Prague: Overview

With the whole world moving towards sustainable, eco-friendly ways of transportation, bicycle is quickly becoming popular among regular commuters, sportsmen and tourists. While the first ones use it as an affordable way to bypass traffic jams, for the second it serves as sports equipment for enjoyable work-out, the third ones value it for opening new avenues for exploring and sightseeing.

Do the Czechs like cycling?

Just like the other European capitals Prague is becoming increasingly bike-friendly city with dedicated bike trails and routs. To help foreign cycling enthusiasts, Prague Municipal City Hall has designed a rather handy map with most popular trails depicted. You can get it for free at any municipal office or tourist information center. Alternatively, an interactive version is available here, while a map image can be downloaded here.

Once the map is acquired, you are ready to ride off. Apart from magnificent architecture and interesting sights at every turn, the city is known for its hilly terrain, so cycling in Prague might become a challenge unless you use an MTB. Renting a bike isn’t a problem, because the city is literally peppered with various services offering high-quality bikes and equipment. When choosing a vehicle, don’t forget that you’ll likely need a good set of gears and soft suspension to conquer highest vantage points to take a breathtaking panoramic picture of this strikingly beautiful city ― and yes, it is worth the effort.


Taking alternative ways

In case you don’t feel like breaking a little sweat, follow the A2 route along the Vlatva River ― it is almost flat and the traffic is really sparse, while stunning river views of the city will accompany you throughout the whole duration of the trip.

Despite the energetic attempts of the national government, drivers in Prague are not very used to bicycle riders. This official page contains useful hints for tourists and a set of rules designed to make cycling in Prague safer and more enjoyable. If riding in urban environment is not your favorite pastime (and, unfortunately, the traffic may be rather intense), try out dedicated trails laid across parks: Letna park, Divoka Sarka natural reserve or Prokop Valley recreational area. All of them are located within the city limits, but feel like actual wildlife resorts, isles of unscathed nature and calmness in the sea of urban hustle.

Remember than you are free to use public transport to get from place to place with your bike: Metro, Petrin Hill funicular and certain tram lines. While going with a bicycle via Metro is unconditionally permitted, limitations may apply to other means of transportation. Check out this website for detailed information on this topic.

Biking in Prague is surely an exciting experience and an excellent opportunity to learn a lot about the Czech capital and the life of its citizens. However, if you with to expand your horizons and go on a speedy ride across the countryside, there’s no reason to refrain from it. The best way to get a taste of cycling through Prague suburbs is to hop on a train and be off to some nearby station, where you can have fun without needing to worry about motor traffic.