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Is it a crime to ride a bicycle when you are a little bit tipsy?

Can I ride my bike if I’m a little drunk? Unfortunately, in many countries cyclists are in a so-called “gray zone” of national road codes: not quite pedestrians and definitely not drivers. The citizens themselves can get confused: a cyclist doesn’t need any license to ride a bicycle, so all these strict rules about drunk-driving […]

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Swift as wind ― the fastest bike

Speed is the universally craved property of any moving mechanism. Since the first 1860’s velocipede by Karl von Draise, engineers have been doing their best design a bicycle which can ride faster while its rider tires less. It appears that Americans have surpassed all of them. On September 17th, 2015 a new world record was […]

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The longest bicycle ever seen

Manufacturers from all over the world strive to make fastest, lightest, sturdiest and most beautiful bicycles. New and new “-est” models keep appearing every day, and such new are actually not surprising. Well, how about the longest bike ever made? Second-year students of an Austrian university joined forces with Santos company staff to design the […]

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Cycling in Prague – several easy hints for an enjoyable ride

Cycling in Prague: Overview With the whole world moving towards sustainable, eco-friendly ways of transportation, bicycle is quickly becoming popular among regular commuters, sportsmen and tourists. While the first ones use it as an affordable way to bypass traffic jams, for the second it serves as sports equipment for enjoyable work-out, the third ones value […]

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Prague Castle and nice view on the capital city Prague with affordable bicycle for rent and tours around Prague with a professional guide.

Prague The City Of Thousand Spires

Prague is the capital as well as largest city of Czech Republic. It is also known as fourteenth largest city of European Union. It’s nick name is “The City Of Thousand Spires”. Prague is a city of countless marvelous and hear touching views those are the central interest of the tourists. A lot of historical […]

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