Prague Castle and nice view on the capital city Prague with affordable bicycle for rent and tours around Prague with a professional guide.

Prague The City Of Thousand Spires

Prague is the capital as well as largest city of Czech Republic. It is also known as fourteenth largest city of European Union. It’s nick name is “The City Of Thousand Spires”. Prague is a city of countless marvelous and hear touching views those are the central interest of the tourists. A lot of historical places are in Prague. Tourists like to come here, it is not wrong if they call it heaven of Earth. These historical places are the reflection of arts of Renaissance. It is also a city of numerous cultural magnetisms one of the most important and old one is Prague Castle.

This article is going to describe best places of Prague that a tourist have to visit if he or she visits Prague. As it is already mentioned that there are a lot of historical places in Prague but we will discuss just some of these:

  • Prague Castle
  • Charles Bridge
  • The Old Town Square and The Astronomical Clock
  • The Petrin Lookout Tower
  • The Lennon Wall
  • The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad
  • The Dancing House
  • The National Theatre
  • The National Museum
  • Prague Zoo

If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls.

Ivan Mokshin

Prague Castle

This castle was built in 870 in the time of Prince Borivoj. It is a largest and the oldest castle of the world. It is said that its roughly estimated size is seven football fields. Here are many attracted sites for tourists within the castle e.g. the St. Vitus Cathedral, Art Nouveau stained-glass windows and a wooden depiction of the crucifixion, Golden Lane, Old Royal Palace and the Powder Tower. Tourist must watch it because these placers are full of art and fascination. Tourist can go over there by metro, tram, bike, segway or foot. But it is interesting and more joyful if someone goes on foot. Its opening hours change according to seasons, in summer it remains open from April 1 to October 31 and in winter it opens from first of November to 31st of March. People from all over world come here and see this ancient and glamorous place that remain in their memories forever as a pleasurable incident.

Charles Bridge

The second most famous attraction of Prague is Charles bridge. It is bridge between “The Old Town” and “The Lesser Town”. In old times it was named as Stone Bridge because it is a stone gothic bridge. Its construction was begun in 1357 by Charles IV (Roman Emperor). Charles Bridge is famous for its towers, those are standing on each ending points of bridge and Baroque Statues which are placed in 17th century on each sides of the Bridge. These statues are included the of the most important historical names, Charles IV’s statue and John of Nepomuk There are many top rated hotels near the bridge. These hotels also provide the visitors with the facilities of stay in a pleasant environment. There are also many superb views of River Vltava and gothic gates. From a long time Charles Bridge is center of attraction of tourists. They want to see this historical bridge, its towers and also enjoy staying in the hotels included “Aria Hotel” and “Alchemist Grand Hotel and Spa”.

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

In 15th century the Astronomical clock was built on one side of Old Town Hall. It is one of the attractions for tourists due to the procession of the Twelve Apostles after every hour, a small trap door opens and Christ strides out in front of his believers, whereas the skeleton of death rings the bell to a disobedient statue of a Turk. This interesting scene attracts the tourists and makes them amused. That’s why they like to visit it whenever they go to Prague. Old town square is most ancient tower of Prague that is surrounded by many historical constructions like Old Town Hall Astronomical Clock and 2 historical churches St. Nicholas Church and Church of Our Lady before Tyn. This means that a visitor can see many historical places if he visits Old Town Square.

In this picture taken on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, a street musician plays a guitar at Prague's famous "Lennon Wall", which under the former communist regime was a place where young people gathered to commemorate John Lennon and express their hope for freedom in Prague, Czech Republic. Message behind him is to support the month long democracy protests in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, another Lennon Wall recently sprang up expressing similar sentiments. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

In this picture taken on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, a street musician plays a guitar at Prague’s famous “Lennon Wall”, which under the former communist regime was a place where young people gathered to commemorate John Lennon and express their hope for freedom in Prague, Czech Republic. Message behind him is to support the month long democracy protests in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, another Lennon Wall recently sprang up expressing similar sentiments. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

The Lennon Wall

The Lennon wall is located at Velkoprevorske Namesti (Grand Priory Square), Malá Strana. It is also known as John Lennon’s peas wall as it is a representation of his idea of peace. It is one of the renowned attraction for the visitors of Prague. It is quite near to Charles Bridge it is a acknowledgment started after the death of John Lennon. It is a sign of hope and peace for the people of Prague as it was painted in the remembrance of singer who was killed in 1980. Fans come here to reveal their love grief and painting to attribute that star. People can make paintings on this wall to make them relief from any kind of stress. Visitors like to visit and make paintings over this wall. It is also very suitable place for the tourists those love photography.

The Petrín Lookout Tower

It is one of the important and familiar sight of Prague that liked by the visitors at high rate. It was built in 1891 as mini edition of Eiffel Tower. It was built for the Jubilee Exhibition. It has 299 stairs and when we go to top it is easy to see the whole Prague from its top. It is a splendid view of Prague and attracts the tourists to have a glance of Prague in one sight. It is said that in a clear day you can see whole Bohemia from its top. Visitors can also climb the Petrin hill and come to the base of the tower if they don’t want to use the stairs.

The Dancing House

A very attractive and unusual construct of Prague is The Dancing House. Its structure is the cause of attraction for the visitors. It is built in a beautiful location by the Vltava River. It was built between 1992 – 1996. It has curvy outlines those make it glamorous and unique from other buildings. It’s only top floor is open for the visitors. It is also the home of best restaurant called Ginger and Fred that is famous for its menu. Tourists enjoy a lot here with splendid views and delicious foods as well.

The National Museum

It is the oldest museum in the Czech Republic. It is widened over many locations and houses and full of historical collections of different fields. It is the largest museum of the world and contains millions of items related to zoology, botany, arts, music, and anthropology and so on. It also exhibits Prehistory of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia and the decorations of Medals of European countries in the 19th and the 20th century. The visitors never miss to come here and get amuse. It is a creation of 17th century. Besides its superb collection, its building is also marvelous and attracts the people.

The National Theater

National Theater of Prague was constructed in 1881 as the identity of their nationality and independence. It is a source of promotion of Czech culture and language. It is a symbol of arts and top dramas, opera and ballets are performed in this Theater. It was burnt in past but still its building is very attractive and it has place for millions of audience those come here and enjoy rich aptitude of the performers. It is a significant historical construct of Prague as far as reservation of their culture is concerned. Art lover visitors must come here and enjoy the cultural theater of Prague.

The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad

It stands high above the Vltava River. This fortress has nice park surroundings, cemetery with some lovely tomb stones, nice cathedral. Some people say that it is more lovely and enjoyable than Prague Castle. It is known as most serene place to visit among tourist. They do not have to pay a bunch of fees to enjoy the Vysehrad! The grounds are lovely and quiet with great views of the city. The highlight for me was walking through the unique cemetery of famous Czechs, including Mucha and Dvorak. It is best place for picnic and walk for the people. They can come in evenings and make a lot of fun here. They can also view the beautiful scenes of city during stroll.

Prague Zoo

One of the most important places of Prague is Prague Zoo. It is not only important for Prague but also comes in the top ten zoos of the World. Home of 5000 animals. Children and their families visit this zoo in high rate. Visitors, who love to see the animals of different species also like to come here and visit such a beautiful zoo of the world. Visitors have to take a look at the “Don’t miss” section, where they can find a timetable of the most important events that take place in the ZOO during the day. Indonesian Jungle and the Monkey Island are one of the most cherished porches of Prague Zoo where you can have a look at the flourishing flora and fauna of the jungle or practically play with the lovable lemurs. Child area is also lovely place in the zoo known as children zoo where children can play and feed to their favorite animals.

All these are the best ever places for the visitors in Prague. Glamorous buildings, places, historical things and loveable hotels and their meals all are the reasons those can enforce the visitors to go to Prague at least for one time in their life to enjoys such splendid views and capture these events in their cameras and memories. This trip will fill their hearts full of pleasure and amusement and they will like to go again and again to enjoy these see sights.

There are many ways for tourists to see the Prague’s fantastic places e.g. walking is the most common one and easiest also as many people can visit Prague by walking around in groups. It is also an enjoyable type of tour but the flaw is that by walking they are able to see just few places and it can also hectic for some tourist. The second options is the mini bus, people can visit more sights in one day if the travel by bus but they are unable to see the daily city life that is more interesting for the tourists. There are many sights those are not accessible by cars or buses. It becomes a hindrance for the passionate tourist those never want to miss even a single place and interesting thing about Prague. In order to overcome such problem the best option for such passionate tourist is the use of bikes for tours. There are some advantages of bike tour below:

  • By driving a bike the tourist can easily visit all fascinating tourist places in town, including sights concealed in parks or positioned a little bit outside of the city center.
  • Similarly, bike tour is most fast and tourists can cover up most of Prague sights in just half a day
  • By using bicycles, tourists can ride through Lesser Town to Charles Bridge; continue to Old Town Square and Jewish Quarter, after crossing the Vltava River.
  • They also can easily climb to Letna and Letna Park which is the major Prague relaxation place, visited mostly by Prague youngsters.
  • They can save their time and can visit more places in their limited time range.
  • Bike tour in Prague also provides excellent photo opportunities.
  • The tourists can spent more time on their favorite places as they have their own bikes.
  • Bicycle tour is also a healthy task as people remain active and healthy if they visit any place on bike. They remain physically more active than those who travel on buses or cars.