Cruise To Devil’s Stream

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  • Boat cruise
  • 1 hour
  • Romantic tour


Cruise to Devil’s Stream

Prague is a city with a long and captivating history. While now it is a modern urbanized area housing more than one million people, there is another side of the city ― a romantic entanglement of narrow medieval streets, which hides many mysteries among its ancient three-storey houses. When visiting the Czech Republic, take your chance to embark on a cruise to the Devil’s Streaming in Prague.

The Devil’s Streaming or Čertovka is a blind name of one of the artificial arms of the Vlatva river. Allegedly, this channel was built by the Order of the Knights of Malta in 12th century and initially served as a mill race. Why it was called like this is a mystery yet to be solved, but its another name — Little Prague Venice — is quite explainable. Passing under the Charles Bridge and through the Little Quarter district, on its way the channel passes two ancient mills ― one of them, the Grand Priory Mill is one of the oldest and well-preserved mills in Europe.

A boat tour through time

Taking a boat cruise to the Devil’s Streaming is a perfect choice for those people who need a respite from the big city hustle. It’s like travelling back in time: while the boat is soothingly rocking under your feet, a picturesque medieval panorama opens itself in front of your eyes. But the lovely views and surprisingly well-maintained fairytale houses are not everything that the Devil’s Streaming cruise has to offer. On its way your boat will pass such world-famous sights as the Prague Castle ― an original fortress, which gave birth to the whole surrounding city.

A point of view from the river allows to take photos from an unusual perspective: here, the historical image of the city is free from modern architecture. The cruise along the Devil’s Streaming will have a long-lasting impression. It creates a perfect illusion of total immersion into the days of long-gone romance and beauty. It has never been easier to travel back into the Middle Ages ― grab this opportunity and book a cruise with Wowtours.

What you will see

  • Government of the Czech Republic – Straka Academy
  • Svatopulk Czech Bridge
  • Metronome
  • Charles Bridge
  • Devil’s Stream
  • Grand Priory Mill
  • Small bridge at the pillars of the Charles Bridge

Good to know:

  • The Devil’s Channel is the name of a blind arm of the Vltava
  • Originally it was a millrace
  • Today it divides Mala Strana from Kampa Island
  • The Devil’s Channel is said to have been named in the 19th century after a woman of devilish character



18.03.2017 - 30.10.2017

Please notice that you can choose time & date only from this cruise timetable and only during the summer season 18.03 - 30.10, other timing and dates are not acceptable.


10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, 18.15, 20.15


The boat tour departs from the dock at Čech Bridge, pier No. 5.